melting sky
my brush sweeps into
letting go

I was born and raised in Newark, NJ in the 1950s and '60s with extended summer stays in Flatbush, Brooklyn. In 1974, I began working on a farm planting and tending trees and practicing landscape design. My early years of riding a bike on concrete backyards with overhead clotheslines and along charcoal avenues made an indelible impression. The latter forty years of garden work also informed my eye and spirit with nature's palette and whimsy, seasons and storms. This successful marriage of street and garden are at the root of my painting and poetry.

I also have a deep appreciation and respect for the dualities intrinsic in life and beauty and subscribe to the Japanese aesthetic of wabi-sabi -- beauty through life's organic cracks, crevices, imperfections and aging process. The vision of grace in chaos is also close to my heart. I am best able to suggest my experience and creative view of these paradoxes through abstraction, use of multiple mediums, by trial and error and incorporating fortuitous errors into the whole.

And for the magic to occur, I trust and rely on an organic process and pairing of improvisation and finesse with beauty and blemish. This practice gives space for a creative alchemy to rise and transform an imperfect line into a stroke that finds its way to poetic expression.

porch rocker
the tilt between
life and still-life